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  1. An estranged friend of mine once claimed he recalled (as a boy) the “Mr. Wilson” of the comic strip having resembled Joseph Kearns (who portrayed “George Wilson” in the Screen Gems television adaptation of “Dennis the Menace”), but then was changed after the death of Mr. Kearns.

    So what I would like to know is if there may have actually been both a “George Wilson” and a “John Wilson” in the comic strip? And were Mr. Kearns and actor Gale Gordon possibly cast as the TV versions of their respective “Mr. Wilsons” because of the actors’ resemblances to the strip’s characters?

    Although, frankly, the “Mr. Wilson” I see on this website resembles neither Mr. Gordon (except for the mustache) nor “Mr. Kearns.”

    But Jay North was certainly made to appear as the comic strip “Dennis Mitchell,” albeit with a different cowlick in the TV series’ first season, plus his having matured to wearing a striped shirt but with no overhauls or slingshot in the TV series’ final season..

    Gloria Henry’s hairstyle was coiffured to appear as the same hairstyle of “Alice Mitchell” in the strip, but only for the TV series’ first season. And the TV series actor who most resembled his comic strip counterpart was certainly bespectacled pipe-smoking Herb Anderson’s “Henry Mitchell.”

    By the way, did the characters of “Tommy Anderson,” “Johnny Brady,” “Miss Esther Cathcart,” “Mrs. Elkins,” “Mr. Lawrence Finch,” “Sergeant Theodore Mooney,” “Mr. Otis Quigley” and “Mrs. Eloise Wilson” ever appear in the Hank Ketcham comic strip? And also, did the characters of “Seymour” and “Stewart” exist before the TV series?

  2. John Wilson never existed in the comic strip, nor did the other characters you asked about to the best of my knowledge. John never would have existed in the show at all if not for Joseph Kearns’ death (there were plenty of chances in the series for George Wilson to mention he had a brother, and he never did), so no reason for him to exist in the comics where George would never leave.
    Likewise, Joey only was in a few Season 1 episodes before he disappeared completely, although he was mentioned even into the second season. Stewart disappeared after a few episodes and was never mentioned again. Seymour was brought in late in Season 2 and ended up playing the role of mischievous little boy (very well, IMO) that Dennis himself filled in the early years.
    Gina never existed in the TV universe.

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