Happy Birthday, Dennis (And Hank)!


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Dennis is celebrating his 65th birthday!

Dennis made his first appearance in the funny pages on March 12, 1951.  Later, Hank Ketcham changed Dennis’ official birthday to March 14 to coincide with his own, which means we get to celebrate twice!

Happy birthday to Dennis and Hank!


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Dennis (And Hank)!

  1. How wonderful to celebrate the sixty-fifth birthday of my favorite five-year-old! However, I couldn’t believe that the day’s cartoon didn’t include Joey or Hot Dog or Tommy —

  2. A belated Happy Birthday! My wife’s grandparents were next door neighbors of the Ketcham’s. We inherited some personal memorabilia from that time. One Christmas my wife grandparents were given a Christmas card, and a hand drawn item by Dennis and a note. We still keep those items as a remembrance,

  3. Happy Birthday

    I am wondering if there is a way to get a copy of a Cartoon that was published in 1993 In a January Sunday paper. My beloved father died that year and Denis came out with a cartoon on death. Denis’ mom was talking to a friend in the part and he wanted to go look for his moms friends dad who had died. He made the statement “Your Dad’s not lost hes with God”
    Thank you for any help you can give me with this.
    I had saved the comic but due to many moves since then the comic was lost. I would love to just get a copy to print out to Remember my Dad by

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