Welcome to the new official web site for Dennis the Menace.

Now your favorite five year old, who is always finding trouble has a
new playground…He’s gone viral!

Be sure to come check out the ‘Ruff Cuts’ to see snips and snails of Dennis’ history.  Thank you so much for visiting us at our new home on the inter-web.

But don’t forget, we live in the funny pages too!  ENJOY!


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I am a senior who has all ways enjoyed the strip….but I need an explanation of your valentine’s strip. Mom looks surprised , and I don’t know why. ??
    Thanks for the website….I took a chance that you might have one.

    • Wondering if the is info on the 1952 hardback Dennis the Menace book. I’ve had one for years and would like to know more about it. Also wondering about the inscription. “To Arlo from you pal Skinee Xmas ’52

  2. Thanks for checking our new website, Henry.
    Regarding your question, Alice was more upset, than surprised, at Dennis’ treatment of Margaret who had just given him a Valentine.
    But, that’s part of the “charm” of a five-ana-half year-old…they bluntly say what they’re thinking.

  3. My four year-old son has enjoyed the cartoons in the paper, watching black & white television Dennis the Menace, which we have rented from the library, as well as the movies which have resulted from the comic strips and show. Is there any chance another movie will be made for his generation, which he will be able to enjoy?

  4. the sunday comic March 10, 2019 shows Dennis in the back seat of the family car relaxing while his father drives. Dennis is not wearing a seatbelt of any kind. Children see these comics. Dennis should set a better example. thanks you .

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