38 thoughts on “A Ketcham/Keane Sketch from the Archives

  1. Does anyone have the cartoon when Dennis was sitting in the corner, and his mother asked if he was still sitting down; and his reply was “yes, but I’m standing up on the inside”?

  2. Just had the pleasure of speaking with Ron today! I had a friend who in the 1970’s was in charge of one of Hank Ketcham’s comic strips while serving in the US Navy. Mr Ketcham sold the US Navy the comic strip, “HALF HITCH”. This friend of mine, also whose first name is Michael gave me what he had of this original strip (he only took 1/3 of the collection when he left the Navy by permission of his Lieutenant of course) and I eventually sold the collection (about 400 strips with the original newspapers)to The Toonseum in Pittsburgh about 2008 which was not long after speaking to Hank’s widow’s assistance Dottie about seeing if they wanted them back. Well, the good news to report here for fans is that this Collection of “Half Hitch” is making it’s way around to some museums in the country of which the next museum I was told by Director Joe Wos of The Toonseum (Pittsburgh, Pa 412-232-0199) would be in San Diego, California…not sure of the date it will be there, but my guess is May 2014 when there is some type of cartoon expo they have there every year? Not sure of those details… By November this year this “Half Hitch” collection will be back at the Toonseum on Liberty Avenue in Pittsburgh, Pa. I have a few of those original pieces, but decided to give them all that I had more of less because I wanted to Share this Treasure with all Cartoon Fans everywhere!

  3. I am a volunteer reader for IRIS (Iowa Radio Reading Information Service for Blind & Print Handicaped)This is a statewide radio network which for 25 years has offered 24/7 service. This includes 4 hours daily of reading The DesMoines Register. While the comics are not usually included, I always begin with “Dennis” and it never fails to tie in with the lead story of the day! It’s like a daily editorial. I know our listeners would be happy to hear from those who create this feature…..
    Thank You

  4. I’m using Dennis the Menace as my “Iconic Comedy” character in my 8th grade gifted and talented program. Could you please tell me who the authors and editors for this amazing website are and when the last update was for my citations? Also, thank you so SOO much for keeping Dennis the Menace up and running. I am his BIGGEST fan! Thank you!

      • I just happened upon this site and mentioned this somewhere below. My wife’s grandparents were neighbors of the Ketcham’s in Ct. I guess they exchanged Christmas presents and we have a book, a signed Christmas card with scribblings by Dennis and maybe something else. Very cool.

  5. I’m trying to find out who I need to contact for permission to use the likeness of Dennis the Menace on my son’s music album… Anyone know the answer to that?

  6. I am looking for the set of dennis comic panals for Feb 2010 about 100 years of bsa.can not find them.

  7. I grew up with Dennis the Menace cartoons in the 1950’s and still read the ones written thru 1975. Fantagraphics started to release book sets of the comics beginning in the 1950’s but stopped at 1962. I am trying to find a list of the small comic books published containing the B/W comic strips from 1963 f-1975 but have not had any success. Can you email me the list or direct me to a website where I can find it? Is there any plans to release the rest of the Dennis the Menace comic strips in a form similar to Fantagraphics releases? It is very sad that they stopped publishing the books of this wonderful comic strip. Is there anything you as the current writers can do to revive the release of the early comic strips written by Hank Ketcham?

    Thank you!

  8. Hello I used to have as a kid a color print pocket paperback book of Dennis The Menace with one short story about a small leprechaun that fools Dennis a few times so as not to give his pot of gold. I don’t have it anymore and would like to find a copy. I can’t remember which book it was . Would you know which one it would be? I would highly appreciate it ! Thank You.

  9. Hi, Intel,
    I have a pretty extensive collection of the paperback DENNIS books, approximately 50. Their copyright dates are from 1953 thru 1983. There are too many to list here. Almost all of these were acquired on Ebay. Just search Dennis the Menace, and Hank Ketcham. the issues appear frequently and are not that expensive.

  10. Hi, Louis,
    I searched through my collection and found the DENNIS “Pocket Full of Fun” paperback book you were looking for. It’s called, :FAST AND FURIOUS” and is issue #37, copyright 1978, a Fawcett Publication. The book has reprints of several of the Dennis comic books from 1960, ’65 and ’66. This one has a different story for every month. The story you referred to, with the Leprechaun, is used for the month of March in the book…and runs for 8 pages.
    I bought my copy at HeroesCon in Charlotte about 10 years ago.
    You might find a copy on Ebay. Good luck.

  11. I hope you can help me locate a classic “Dennis” panel. I have referenced and/or quoted it for years as indignant writers decry the “Christmas Creep” since the trees and tinsel out in stores so early each year. But, I’m 58 yrs old and clearly remember a Dennis panel when I was in grade school (most likely in October of ’65, ’66, ’67 or ’68) with Dennis and Joey walking through a store. Dennis points up to the Santa and Reindeer decoration and says, “Look Joey, the Christmas decorations are up; that means it’s almost Halloween!” Can you find it?

  12. I am looking for the single strip cartoon where dennis is praying and says to God, I know you would understand having just one child of your own. does anyone have a copy of it?

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  14. It’s so nice that Dennis is just being a kid.
    Why can’t Dennis go Barefoot more often? His statue of him at Montery-CA is a Barefoot. So how come he aint Barefoot as often, or even most of the time? 🙂
    In fact, if I remember correctly, if Hank Ketcham had his way, he’d make Dennis into a Barefoot. But the ‘sensitive’ forces in the day likely restricted him from doing so.
    If it would be so generous, could you please make Dennis Barefoot most of the time?
    It would really make him more childish & rebellious (living up to his surname) given what his character is.
    That, and it’s more healthier:
    I hope you enjoy & I hope you agree. 🙂

  15. Does anyone have the strip in which Mr Wilson is showing Dennis some old photographs. Dennis asks why they aren’t in color, and Mr Wilson answers-” They are in color. The world was in black and white until sometime in the 1060s”.

  16. I am looking for the comic where a toddler is visiting the Mitchells, walking for the first time, and Dennis says something like, “That’s nothing! If he were learning to FLY, that would be something!”

    Not an exact quote, but I’m hoping that this might help someone remember something here.

  17. My wife’s grandparents were neighbors of the Ketcham’s. She has a couple of items, a signed book, a signed christmas card with scribblings by Dennis. It’s very cool!

  18. I love the Punky strip. I wish I could find a collection of Punky stories.

    In more recent times, I noticed Punky and Dennis shared a face.

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  20. I am looking for a very old cartoon (maybe the 70’s?) with Dennis the Menace and Joey sitting down to fix a clock. Joey has a big hammer. Dennis says something like “You can’t fix a delicate clock with a big ol’ hammer …. here use a little hammer instead!” I tried googling but cannot find

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  23. I had always understood that the fictional movie “The Monster That Devoured Cleveland” came from a Dennis the Menace cartoon in the 50s or 60s, where Dad takes Dennis to that Saturday matinee. However, now I’m told that the movie title comes from the early TV series The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis. Am I all wet in thinking it came from the comic strip originally?

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